Warning! This service exists to benefit legitimate chronic pain patients only! All patients are drug tested to ensure compliance with our pain management agreement!


Here at Arkansas Pain Management & Detox Center we utilize medications to treat your pain. There are substantial benefits from opioid (narcotic) maintenance therapy for chronic pain relief. The vast majority of patients not only obtain significant pain relief, but also become more active physically and socially.

Please understand this treatment also entails some serious risks. There are a variety of dangerous side effects associated with opioid (narcotic) medications utilized in opiate therapy such as sedation, respiratory depression, and death from overdose. In addition, these side effects threaten others who may be injured if a patient is impaired by the medication or behaves irresponsibly.

You must take opioids only as directed. Federal law prohibits giving this medication to anyone else. Physical dependence will develop with regular use, but does not by itself indicate addiction; this means that a withdrawal syndrome will develop if you stop your medication abruptly. Tolerance may develop to the pain relieving effects of opioids; this means that the pain relief may decrease over time, but in chronic pain states this usually occurs slowly, if at all.